Nina Munteanu & Dawn Harvey Interviewed by “Talking Audiobooks” About Splintered Universe Trilogy Audiobooks

OuterDiverse-audiobook-IambikRecently, I had the pleasure and thrill of being interviewed by Casey Trowbridge of Talking Audiobooks on the process of writing my Splintered Universe Trilogy and having it narrated by incredibly talented Dawn Harvey.

The interview was lively and fun; Dawn and I discussed what it’s like to collaborate on three books with extensive world building and a large cast of aliens. We discussed the process of writing and narrating and collaborating. You can hear some of Dawn’s magic with voice in the two excerpts of the space thriller trilogy.TALKING-AUDIOBOOKS2 copy

An entire spiritual sect is inexplicably wiped out. The atrocity leads to more devastation as prominent galactic citizens are further targeted. One is an eccentric priest who prophesies a catastrophic End of Age … Galactic Guardian Rhea Hawke must solve the mystery of the massacre; her quest for justice catapults Rhea into the heart of a universal struggle across alien landscapes of cruel beauty and toward an unbearable truth she’s hidden from herself since she murdered an innocent man with her eyes.

“Rhea Hawke is a Galactic Guardian, and I love to say her name. Her name alone let’s you know that there is a bad ass super hero of a woman on site. I can picture her boots, her great coat, and her side arms. I want to be her when I grow up. Obviously, you can tell I developed some hero worship for her by the end of this book. I really got wrapped up in this novel. Yes, the characters only grew a little bit, and that growth was mainly on Rhea and her relationship to her mother, but I really connected with her. I loved all the fancy tech and the variety of alien races, with humans barely hanging on as a species. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for Book 2.”–Amazon Review

The Splintered Universe Trilogy is: Outer Diverse; Inner Diverse; and Metaverse.
The entire trilogy is available in print and e-book format.

Outer Diverse and Inner Diverse Audiobooks are currently available. Metaverse Audiobook is scheduled for release December 2017.


2 thoughts on “Nina Munteanu & Dawn Harvey Interviewed by “Talking Audiobooks” About Splintered Universe Trilogy Audiobooks

    • Thanks, JP! I really enjoyed the process, largely because Dawn was so professional and is so talented as a voice artist. When Iambik sent her to me for audition, along with several others, she just stood out and resonated with my main character, Rhea Hawke. I highly recommend it, Jo-Anne! Your books would so rock on audio!


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