Social Media Workshop


Blogging & Social Media for Writers

Both published and soon-to-be published authors are using Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Websites with podcasts and other social media to great success. Learn how to command this incredibly inexpensive and highly potent and efficient medium to promote you and your work.

Internationally published author and essayist Nina Munteanu is an active blogger and proficient social networker of many years. She publishes several blogs and participates in many social networks on the Internet (see below).

Nina shares her knowledge and experience in this interactive discussion and multi-media lecture that explores the major social media and the uses of each different platform.

Nina goes over steps on how to build a blog. She covers topics like: what makes a good blog, how to write good copy, branding, SEO (how to bring and keep traffic coming to your blog), tagging, content, times and schedules, comments and linking to/from other social networks.

When I decided to attend the session on blogging, I was sure in my mind that I will not find the time to do it; but I just wanted to know about it all the same. Nina’s enthusiastic and yet demystifying class, converted me. She made the activity of blogging both enjoyable and somehow a necessary aspect of modern life – the new communication to connect with the World, the people, our audience.”—Prata Reddy, Toronto writer


Through her own example of over a dozen blogs (both her own and guest blogs) and as many social media, she explores a system that allowed her to create a strong Internet presence—and still have time to go to the beach!

She also discusses with you which social media are best suited to you and other topics related to Internet promotion and marketing. Bring your imagination.

Conifer forest Mechosin

Forest in Metchosin, BC

The course covers the major social media used by successful Internet entrepreneurs, artists and businesses. The workshop includes worksheets and reference materials.

“This workshop is a must if you’re like me: terrified of new technology and wondering where and how to start.”—Peta-Gaye Nash, Mississauga author



In-person & Online


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You can find Nina on:

George Brown College

Linked In

Nina Munteanu Writer
Amazing Stories
Europa SF
CBC Canada Writes
The Globe and Mail
Speculating Canada
Dragon Page Cover to Cover
World Poetry Cafe
Morgen Bailey
The Alien Next Door


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