“I wanted to take some time to both thank and tribute Nina for her invaluable contributions to my writing. Through a series of three edits Nina coached me as I transitioned from a scientific writer to a fiction author. Throughout she has been patient, thoughtful, and encouraging. As a fellow scientist turned fiction author, I felt she understood my plight and has provided me the guidance and resources I needed as my writing skills developed. As a teacher myself, I particularly appreciated the approach she catered to me–heavy on directives but light on editing, and with a strong emphasis on research. If I didn’t go into enough detail she told me so, and rather than fixing issues, she taught me to do it myself. Nina helped me overcome my passive writing tendencies and let me know when to show and not tell. She was always respectful and responsive. Nina inspired me to expand my novella into a novel, which ultimately became a trilogy. She forced me to find in myself a creativity I never knew I had, and for that I will be forever grateful.”— TERRY BIRDGENAW, author of The Antunite Chronicles, coming 2022 

“Rarely have I encountered someone of Nina’s considerable talent and intellect tied to such an extraordinary work ethic. Personal excellence is obviously a daily goal in her life. A gifted and inventive writer, Nina is also an excellent speaker who is able to communicate complicated ideas in simple terms and generate creative thought in others. Her accessible, positive approach and delightful sense of humor set people at ease almost immediately. Nina’s involvement in a project guarantees some imaginative twists and an effective outcome.” — HEATHER DUGAN, Executive Director, Ohio Newspaper Association, award-winning author of Killing the Curse, Columbus, Ohio

“Great webinar, Nina, as always!! I love how you condensed the big picture of what we need to focus on in only 5 points. That’s gold for someone like me, who needs to understand the big picture first … to not get lost in the details. Also, your openness to answer questions added some key elements to keep in mind, about the iterative process and how to build your portfolio as a new writer. Lots of food for thought for my next writing projects (nonfictions, creative fiction, short stories…) Thank you!”— GABRIELA CASINEANU, Founder and President of Immigrant Writers Association, award winning author of  Introvert’s Effective Job Search

“Nina’s teaching style is straight-up, fact-filled, enriching, joyful and thorough. This energetic and generous author is passionate about her craft; her enthusiasm is infectious. I do not know how she does it, but her style of communication imparts confidence to the reader/student. She assumes that you are already a dedicated writer and tells you how to hone your craft. Better still, she tells you how to get published … She is honest, she is human and she wants you to succeed.” — CATHI URBONAS, writer, Halifax, NS

“What you’ve done for me, Nina, is you’ve just opened up a whole new world. You’ve shown me how to put soul into my books … You’ve transformed me from what I considered an oddball to somebody special and for that it’s worth a fortune.” — HECTORINE ROY, writer, Liverpool, NS

“I have taken quite a few courses, from the Toronto Board of Education, University of Toronto and Ryerson University Continuing Education Schools and I can say, without any qualification that Nina has been far and away the best writing instructor and coach that I have ever had. I had her edit my first book, Beast Master, and it was as good, and in many ways better than taking a course. Her comments were insightful and she was open to discussing any of the issues that arose through the editing process. I have learned a lot from Nina. Her love of writing is inspiring and her encouragement and joie de vivre make it a pleasure to talk to her at any time. If you are looking for a writing coach, editor, or instructor I cannot recommend Nina highly enough.”—JANICE GRAHAM-FOSCARINI, author of “Beastmaster”, Book 1 of the Langdon Chronicles

“Truly a deep thinker with inspiring things to say and never lost for words, Nina shares her expertise with endless enthusiasm. I always go away with double the energy than when I came! I highly recommend Nina for her spirit, wit, and inspiring zeal for writing! I know her as a fantastic speaker and role model for young women pursuing the arts. Her ability to communicate about the writing process itself and the personal process that goes along with it is demonstrated in a cheerful, current, and personable way, which is evident in her blog, The Alien Next Door, not to mention her practical (but still fun) side in her writing guidebook, The Fiction Writer. Once you meet her, look out! She’ll zap ya with her spark!” — KRISTA FOGEL, Coordinator of Calliope Network, UBC, Vancouver, BC

“Nina was warm and encouraging… She was extremely knowledgeable, gracious and honest…I felt as though she really wanted me to succeed as a writer, and was a mentor sent to provide guidance and inspiration.”— ZOE M. HICKS, author of “The Women’s Estate Planning Guide” and “Dream Catcher, the Power of Faith”, GA

“Nina Munteanu has that rare quality of a teacher who can support and challenge at the same time. Her critiques are honest, fair and above all helpful. If you want your writing to improve, Nina can help.” —TIM REEVES-HORTON, author of “An Unassumed Road”, Bridgewater, NS

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the insights in her writing guidebook, ‘The Fiction Writer’. Nina has depth and experience in the writing field and gives writing workshops around the continent. Anyone taking the workshop will not only take away valuable gems of knowledge, but have fun doing it! Check out her blog, The Alien Next Door at http://sfgirl-thealiennextdoor.blogspot.com/ for a diverse and well-written compilation of articles.” — RICK LEBLANC, Senior Customer Service, Seljax Int’l Inc., Alberta

“Nina is amazing! Tons of knowledge and know how. A public speaker, instructor and published author. She is funny, sensitive and smart. She has many connections in the writing field and elsewhere. I have worked with her on writing panels and workshops and admire her energy, writing and spirit.” — RHEA ROSE, poet, novelist, teacher, Coquitlam School Board

“I highly recommend Nina as a writing and publishing coach. It’s great to have access to such a friendly and funny individual who’s willing to be a sounding board to both beginning and career”— MARIE BILODEAU, author of Foreword Magazine Book of the Year, “Destiny’s Blood”, Ottawa, ON

“Nina Munteanu is a fantastic writer. I can recommend Nina Munteanu; she is detail oriented, has a great ability to communicate and lecture, and she is a multi-skilled professional with deep and practical knowledge of writing techniques. Her writing guidebook The Fiction Writer is a must have and must read not only for beginners, but also for those with experience. Nina is energetic, with a wonderful personality and a crazy sense of humor. If you need an experienced and helpful writing coach, Nina Munteanu is the right person. If still in doubt, please visit her cool blogs, The Alien Next Door and Toulouse LeTrek.” — COSTI GURGU, author of “Recipearium, Toronto, ON

“Nina Munteanu [is] lively and knowledgeable and approachable, relevant and humorous. Nina was a pleasure to work with. She is enthusiastic, supportive and full of ideas… We had a great time working with Nina!”— PAMELA RICHARDSON, Calliope Conference Director, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

“Nina is one of those people who put positive energy into an event just by being there. Her love of writing is evident in the respect she shows to those she coaches.”— LYNDA WILLIAMS, author of Okal Rel series, Prince George, BC

“I felt inspired to look at my writing again … I found my ideas unlocked, problem areas exposed and strengths endorsed.”— JANE MORRELL, writer, Bridgewater, NS

“Nina was engaging and inspiring in a low-key, no hype, practical way with good humor. This was a really pleasant and helpful experience. I was able to use specifics that were discussed to immediately improve my writing.”— SUSIE BECK, writer, LeHave, NS

“Nina’s enthusiasm for my project was second only to her keen eye for character and plot development, and appropriate pace. Her knowledge of, and experience with, character archetypes and story arcs was evident in her imaginative input, which never failed to improve my story and make it more readable…The Gift bloomed and twisted wonderfully with your insightful critique and skillful edits. Thank you!“— JP McLEAN, author of “The Gift Saga”, Denman Island, BC

“Nina Munteanu’s command of the subject matter and her ability to explain in a way that the audience understood was excellent. As a hopeful author, I found her words inspiring.” — AMANDA LOTT, writer, Scribblers Writers’ Retreat, GA

“Nina has an astonishing gift of nourishing your intellect … She listens with her soul … Nina has taken me into a new threshold of learning … I wish I had Nina for my professor in college … She enables the student to reach their highest potential at every level. She is a gift to her students well beyond the workshops she provides …” — VANESSA ROTTNER, author of “The Diva Files”, Toronto, ON

“Nina inspires me to keep trying my best … She is a very thorough instructor and very nurturing and knowledgeable about her student’s work.” — JANA HANNA, author of “Snatched by the Devil”, Texas

“A real catalyst to positive change.” — CATHERINE YOUNG, student of Writing to Wellness Workshop, Mahone Bay, NS

“Thanks Nina! My songs, stories, and screenplays…can all benefit.” — COLIN WIEBE, singer/song writer, Vancouver, BC

“Nina Munteanu is an awesome coach. [She] is not just savvy in the editorial/literary field, but extremely personable—someone you definitely wish to have on your side. As an aspiring new writer, I have had the great pleasure of working with Nina for quite some time and shall continue. In addition to Nina’s extensive knowledge in the writing arena, she will go out of her way to assist you in your writing skills…this shines through and through in her unstoppable compassion in making sure you find ‘your voice’.” — CARINA BURNS, author of “The Syrian Jewelry Box”, California

“Thanks to Nina Munteanu, my writing coach, for helping me bring life into my writing and stories.”— MICHAEL WHATE, author of “Rise Up”, Toronto, ON


nina-siko-jan-2014 copy

Nina and friend Siko on Vancouver Is. BC

Instructor Evaluations by George Brown College Students of “Creating Science Fiction”

Nina is:

“Sharing, open, lively.”
“Always willing to answer questions. Very supportive.”

“Very passionate about teaching, with a great logical presentation that makes it super easy to understand the concepts. Excellent teacher! I never mark all excellent.”

“She is helpful, makes us work on our writing, and cares about us.”

“She is a published author and gave us insight into the business & writing aspect of science fiction so she has a lot of hands-on knowledge & genuinely loves sci-fi.”

“She is very knowledgeable. She helps all of her students become better writers. She gave me a door into the writing community.”

“Very useful with the content of assignments…It’s the best class I’ve even taken in the Novel Writing Certificate.”

“The assignments were often challenging and forced you to think about your writing. She forced you to think–that is sometimes painful, but so is growth.”

“Nina has a deep understanding of the subject and offers expert knowledge & tips. Her enthusiasm makes every class exciting & fun.”

“She is extremely knowledgeable & generous with her time. Unafraid to jump into any topic in detail. A gentle guide, EXTREMELY supportive.”

What other courses would you like us to offer?

“Science Fiction 2 with Nina—I’d pay double. She was (by far) the best instructor I have had in 2 years and several Writing Courses at George Brown.”

Instructor/Course Evaluations by University of Toronto Students of “Write & Publish Science Fiction”

The Most Positive Aspects of the Course:

“The course content was exactly what I needed.”
“Nina is a wealth of knowledge on the subject.”
“Related specifically to my goals. Felt customized to me.”
“Her flexibility in running the course and her passion for the material.”

What recommendations do you have for improving the course:

“Run it again so other students can benefit.”

Sunset 4

Sunset in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Additional Comments:

“I looked forward to every class and left satisfied and inspired to write and complete my novel.” “Really, really good.”
“Excellent. Exceeded expectations. Highly recommend.”


“Thank you, Nina, for your valuable feedback. It taught me a lot about writing a paper and has made me aware of where I make mistakes in writing.”

“Nina has been exceptional and I will attempt to make most of my future appointments with her. She is wonderful at what she does and very helpful.”

“Nina is amazing!”

“Nina is the best! She genuinely cares and is really knowledgeable!”

“Nina challenges me to improve sentence structure and word choices. I appreciate that she gives me rationale for making certain choices rather then just making the changes for me. Nina is an excellent instructor who is also kind and understanding.”

–University of Toronto nursing students

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