Major Services

old-books-stacked-lighterMANUSCRIPT EVALUATION @ $5/Page (standard format)

  • Recommended if you have a partly written or completely written novel or memoir and need professional help to determine its marketability in today’s market

Manuscript evaluations include a full manuscript read with some line-by-line comments on the manuscript. Copy-edits are not part of this service. However, if your writing contains ongoing grammatical issues, I will point these out in the line-by-line commentary.

Evaluation includes a typed letter detailing the following:

  • Comments and suggestions on content, characterization, dialogue, setting, plot, POV, believability, and research, etc.
  • Comments and suggestions on overall writing technique, pace and flow, tension, “voice” & “color”, show & tell, use of metaphor & imagery, etc.
  • Recommended steps to develop the manuscript (may recommend consultation and tutorial)
  • My guidebook The Fiction Writer if you pay for over $500 worth of my services

Manuscript evaluation works best if combined with in-person or online consultation, where interactive storyboarding and discussion can best help the writer take his/her manuscript to the next level. Consultation may include online or in-person tutorial on aspects of the writing craft that need improvement as evaluated.


old-books-stacked-lighterMANUSCRIPT COPY & STRUCTURAL EDITING/PROOFING @ $5/Page

  • Recommended if you are almost finished a novel or memoir and need professional help to make it publishable in today’s market

My copy-edits consist of thorough line by line edits on grammatical issues like punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, etc. I include commentary on issues like story flow, effective language, achieving tension and increasing pace, great dialogue, show & tell, use of metaphor, simile, allegory and other language devices to achieve a compelling read.

Sometimes a work may require some re-arranging; some structural elements are missing or misplaced. My structural edits include commentary and recommendations on plot alignment, sub-plot weaving and story arc, character inclusion/exclusion; chapter re-writes and re-arranging; beginnings and endings; scenes & sequels.


old-books-stacked-lighterPERSONAL COACHING TOWARD PUBLICATION @ $50/hour

Personal coaching may include in-person or online consultation and discussion or tutorial on writing craft elements.

I provide individual coaching on any aspect of your writing including storyboarding, molding idea to premise, plotting successfully, developing memorable characters, creating compelling hooks and beginnings, writing vivid and meaningful settings.

I also work closely with authors on a chapter by chapter basis on their subsequent drafts. It helps if I’ve initially done a manuscript evaluation and they have been following my initial recommendations. For any payment over $500, I include a copy of my guidebook The Fiction Writer.



Please send inquiries to (message header: Nina, the Writing Coach) for other services, listed in the Services & Fees Page (including helping with Self-Publishing, promotional writing, etc.) 

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