Telling My Story Workshop

Telling My Story Workshop

Telling My Story Workshop

The “Telling My Story” Workshop explores the benefits of expressive writing—ranging from free-writing and letters to blogs, journal-keeping and memoirs—through combined lecture, sharing and writing. Workshop participants explore and unlock “their story” with Nina in a series of exercises, examples and storytelling. Story elements explored may include: what makes a story; story boarding & construction; the hero’s journey; character & plot; memoir vs. fiction, and others.

“What you’ve done for me, Nina, is you’ve just opened up a whole new world. You’ve shown me how to put soul into my books … You’ve transformed me from what I considered an oddball to somebody special and for that it’s worth a fortune.” — Hectorine Roy, writer, Liverpool, NS

“Telling My Story” forms part of Nina’s “Writing to Wellness” workshop series, and draws its materials from her guidebook “The Journal Writer: Finding Your Voice” (Pixl Press, 2013). The workshop is modular and adapted to a variety of social and cultural niches and a group’s particular needs (e.g., youth at risk, seniors, recent immigrants, book club, etc.).

“A real catalyst to positive change.” — Catherine Young, student of Writing to Wellness Workshop, Mahone Bay, NS

Workshop includes worksheets and information sheets. Participants may purchase her guidebook “The Journal Writer: Finding Your Voice” and her 5-hr 3-DVD set “The Writer’s Toolkit”.

Nina finally gets it...

Nina finally gets it…

“Everyone has at least one story inside them,” says Nina. “Perhaps you’ve been writing yours already for some years but don’t know how to finish it. Or you’re wondering how to start or what direction and focus to take. Whether you’re writing for your family or intending to publish to a wider audience, you want to make your story something others will want to read.”

The workshop is sponsored and organized by Rise UP! Rise ABOVE! a non-profit organization in Mississauga devoted to artistic expression and Empowerment through Creativity.


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