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FictionWriter-front cover-2nd edThe Fiction Writer: Get Published, Write Now! (Starfire World Syndicate) May 2009. Nominated for an Aurora Prix Award. Available through Chapters/Indigo, Amazon, The Book Depository, and Barnes & Noble.

“…Like the good Doctor’s Tardis, The Fiction Writer is larger than it appears… Get Get Published, Write Now! right now.”—David Merchant, Creative Writing Instructor

The Fiction Writer is a digest of how-to’s in writing fiction and creative non-fiction by masters of the craft from over the last century. Packaged into 26 chapters of well-researched and easy to read instruction, novelist and teacher Nina Munteanu brings in entertaining real-life examples and practical exercises. The Fiction Writer will help you learn the basic, tried and true lessons of a professional writer: 1) how to craft a compelling story; 2) how to give editors and agents what they want’ and 3) how to maintain a winning attitude.

The Fiction Writer is at the top of the required reading list for my Writer’s Workshop students. With its engagingly direct, conversational style and easily accessible format, it is a veritable cornucopia of hands-on help for aspiring writers of any age…the quintessential guidebook for the soon-to-be-published.”—Susan McLemore, Writing Instructor

As important a tool as your laptop or your pen.”—Cathi Urbonas, Halifax writer

Has become my writing bible.”—Carina Burns, author of The Syrian Jewelry Box

I highly recommend this book for any writer wishing to get published.”—Marie Bilodeau, acclaimed author of Destiny’s Blood

I’m thoroughly enjoying the book and even learning a thing or two!”—Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of Wake


Journal Writer-FRONT-cover-WEBThe Journal Writer: Finding Your Voice (Pixl Press) March 2013. Available through Chapters, Amazon, The Book Depository, and Barnes & Noble.

This is a comprehensive guidebook for expressive writers in journaling, creating diaries, memoirs, blogs and any expressive writing and “storytelling”. The book will help writers start, keep going and find meaning in their expressive writing. Journalers can choose the best medium, style and platform for their expression. Written by acclaimed novelist and teacher Nina Munteanu, the guide provides instruction on issues of safety, using the computer, and electronic devices, social media and the Internet.

Straight up, fact filled, enriching, joyful and thorough…Nina is honest, she is human and she wants you to succeed.”–Cathi Urbonas, Halifax writer

Ms. Munteanu provides for the amateur writer and student a practical pathway to get through the journey of writing from beginning to end.”—Vanessa Rottner, author of The Diva Files


MockUpEcology copyThe Ecology of Story: World as Character (Pixl Press) June 2019. Available through Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, the Book Depository and other quality bookstores near you.

From habitats and trophic levels to metaphor and archetype, learn the fundamentals of ecology, insights of world-building, and how to master layering-in of metaphoric connections between setting and character. “Ecology of Story: World as Character” is the 3rd guidebook in Nina Munteanu’s acclaimed “how to write” series for novice to professional writers.

Ecology of story is for experienced writers, or those who understand the basic elements of storytelling. The beginning is a portrait of ecosystems, and allows the reader to realize that the world a writer creates is an ecosystem of its own, whether it is science fiction, fantasy, or mainstream. I found that I used the book with the focus on place to recreate a world I knew as a child, and that place, itself, is a character in each story told.”— Cathleen E. Vecchiato, Vancouver writer



the writers toolkit-front-WEBThe Writer’s Toolkit DVD (Worldwide Classroom) September, 2010. Three Workshops for Writers Wishing to Get Published. This 6-hour set of three discs contains lectures, examples and exercises on how to get started and finish, writing craft,  marketing and promotion. Available through the author (nina.sfgirl@gmail.com).

I was fascinated by Nina’s clear and extremely interesting lecture on the hero’s journey.  Maybe all writer’s have a novel in their heads they want to write one day, and the techniques Nina  shared with us will help me when I get to that point.  In fact, because of her, I may get there a lot sooner than I had planned.”— Zoe M. Hicks, Saint Simon’s Island, GA

Nina Munteanu’s command of the subject matter and her ability to explain in a way that the audience understood was excellent. As a hopeful author, I found her words inspiring.”—Amanda Lott, Scribblers Writers’ Retreat, GA

Rarely have I encountered someone of Nina’s considerable talent and intellect tied to such an extraordinary work ethic…A gifted and inventive writer, Nina is also an excellent speaker who is able to communicate complicated ideas in simple terms and generate creative thought in others. Her accessible, positive approach and delightful sense of humor set people at ease almost immediately.”–Heather Dugan, Ohio writer and voice artist

What you’ve done for me, Nina, is you’ve just opened up a whole new world. You’ve shown me how to put soul into my books.”–Hectorine Roy, Nova Scotia writer



Nina and two friends in Louisville, KY

What Writers Need to Know Series

Get Nina Munteanu’s how to write ebooks on specific topics of interest to all writers (available on Amazon Kindle and soon on Kobo and other online bookstores):

This 12-set mini-book series on various topics of writing craft from POV, narration, plot and character to editing and revision is a compendium of published papers specific to each writing topic.


“Learn the craft of writing in short and easy to digest bites. I created this series of e-books on writing craft and publishing to help writers negotiate specific areas requiring attention in their writing experience. We all move forward at a different pace and our career journey is unique to our own life experiences. Collect all of the “What Writers Need to Know” ebooks. This series provides short and easy to read advice on writing and publishing in today’s world. I think you will find these short, succinct and easy to read ebooks helpful to you in your writing journey. Each book is a collection of articles, written over ten years of teaching and coaching on subjects relevant to authors serious about publishing. Each ebook is packed with useful information, experiences and examples relevant to the topic. Each article gives you my unique and hopefully insightful perspective on the topic discussed.”


Creek in Don Valley, Ontario

Best Wishes,

Nina Munteanu, M.Sc., R.P.Bio.

The following topics are covered in the 12 booklets, each $2.99:

  • Book Contracts
  • Characters & Dialogue
  • Voice & Narration
  • Writer’s Block
  • Starting & Finishing
  • Plot & Theme
  • Self-Editing & Revisions
  • Beginnings & Endings
  • Courage & Inspiration
  • Composition & Style Part 1
  • Composition & Style Part 2
  • Writing Science Fiction
  • Rejection










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