“Sacred River” by Bev Gorbet

Jackson Creek ices up in December (photo by Nina Munteanu)

Like the purest of sounds,
Like the rhapsodic tinkling, windblown days,
Of glass wind chime and bell,
The call, the pure rhythm, the lyrical song
River of crystal waters pouring down under ice

Jackson Creek flows like liquid sunshine around terraced ice islands in morning light, ON (photo by Nina Munteanu)

Holy nature’s melody, all the grace, the sacred beauty
Of the wild outdoors…
The magical distortions of light under ice,
Luminescence and glow, bright sunlight
On a cold winter’s day…

Ice shoals of Jackson Creek, ON (photo by Nina Munteanu)

The lightening glitter in moving prisms of light…
Majesty, deep within water and ice,
Carousels of prismatic light moving elegantly across
The stony river bed below…
And above, a magnificent solemnity:
Backlit snow drift, detritus of crystal flake:
Azure and lavender lights

Ice shelves forming on quiet shore of Jackson Creek, ON (photo by Nina Munteanu)

Everywhere a reverential light reflected upwards
To catch the delighted eye…
Radiant reflections of warmth and comfort:
The sound of the dancing winds high above,

Jackson Creek and forest after first snow (photo by Nina Munteanu)
Snow-covered cedars in Trent Sanctuary forest, ON (photo by Nina Munteanu)

And icey patches, snowdrift on treetop and cold bough,
Gently melting drops, rainbow lights
Softly falling down to touch a lyric memory:
The pure song, wind chime echo and dream,
Sacred memory: sacred river, deepest reflection…

–Bev Gorbet, December, 2020

Clouds of ice pearls in Jackson Creek, ON (photo by Nina Munteanu)
Ice pearls form over rocks in Jackson Creek, ON (photo by Nina Munteanu)
Ice shore beside flowing Jackson Creek, ON (photo by Nina Munteanu)
Ice beads form islands in froth of Jackson Creek water, ON (photo by Nina Munteanu)
Ice beads form off ice columns over Jackson Creek, ON (photo by Nina Munteanu)
Ice platforms and ice-covered twigs peer over flowing Jackson Creek, ON (photo by Nina Munteanu)

Nina Munteanu is a Canadian ecologist / limnologist and novelist. She is co-editor of Europa SF and currently teaches writing courses at George Brown College and the University of Toronto. Visit www.ninamunteanu.ca for the latest on her books. Nina’s bilingual “La natura dell’acqua / The Way of Water” was published by Mincione Edizioni in Rome. Her non-fiction book “Water Is…” by Pixl Press(Vancouver) was selected by Margaret Atwood in the New York Times‘Year in Reading’ and was chosen as the 2017 Summer Read by Water Canada. Her novel “A Diary in the Age of Water” was released by Inanna Publications (Toronto) in June 2020.

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