Nina’s Books

Where to Find Nina’s Books:

You can purchase Nina’s books in print, ebook and audiobook form at major online retail stores throughout the world such as Amazon (these include:,, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook,, iBooks, and others). You can also purchase through Nina’s bookstore: Bookstore. In Canada, you can also purchase Nina’s books at Chapters-Indigo

You can purchase Nina’s books at these quality independent bookstores in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada:

  • In Toronto, Ontario, you can buy Nina’s books at the science fiction bookstore Bakka Phoenix Books
  • In Burlington, Ontario, you can buy Nina’s book “Water Is…” at A Different Drummer Books
  • In Vancouver, British Columbia, you can buy Nina’s book “Water Is…” at Banyen Books
  • In Paris, France, you can purchase “Darwin’s Paradox” at Shakespeare & Company
  • In Rome, Italy, you can purchase “The Way of Water / La natura dell’acqua” at Libro Co. italia


Nina’s Books (novels and non-fiction):


Available Form*


Nina’s Novels:

Darwin’s Paradox P, E W, P
Angel of Chaos P, E W
The Last Summoner P, E W
Outer Diverse P, E, A W
Inner Diverse P, E, A W
Metaverse P, E, A W
Natural Selection P, E W
Collision with Paradise E W
The Cypol E W

Nina’s Non-Fiction:

The Fiction Writer P, E W
The Journal Writer P, E W
The Ecology of Story P, E W
Water Is… P, E W, T, V
The Way of Water/La natura dell’acqua P, E W, R

*Form available: Print (P), Ebook (E), Audiobook (A)

** All of Nina’s books are available throughout the world via the online retail bookstore Amazon (and others) located all over the world (w), including Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Amazon in countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. Regional retail stores that carry Nina’s books include those in Toronto (T); Vancouver (V); Rome (R), Italy; Paris, France (P)



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